After the graduation in 1974, Jayarman worked for various companies till 1981. The bug to be independent caught up with him and he became a freelance consultant on energy conservation and carried out energy audits (before he came up with the energy accounting methodology) till 1991.

The old saying is “It is easy to preach, but difficult to practice” As a person willing to take the more difficult and untreaded path, Jayaraman designed an innovative comnbustion control system, using high temperature oxygen analyser, for small boilers and furnaces.

This was in 1991, when the house designed by him had incorporated Passive Sewage treatment and rain water harvesting, When these terms were not even in the vocabulary of many people.

In 1991, SECO group stared with development of LOW cost combustion control system for small boilers and furnace, the first company to commercialise Under PACER project of USAID.

Subsequently, the important part of the combustion control system was developed in house, to become till date, the only oxygen sensor manufacturing unit with indigenous know how.

This started the innovative path of SECO, though slow and painful. SECO was started in 1991, and had its name changed to SECO Controls Pvt Ltd in 1995.