Industrial Lighting

In any industry, the utility of lighting is more important than the aesthetics. Most industries work two shifts or three shifts – Which means that lighting is to take care during non daylight hours also. This has made many industies try for high level of uniform lighting, without fully understanding the way the human eye works. Human eye is one organ, which adjusts itself to the level of what it senses, without sending the information on the level of light ot the brain. It is due to this reason, on can even see objects in the darkness, given time to adjust. The same way, eye can adjust to 200 lux (interior lighting) to 50,000 lux (open area in the sun) for the same task. This it does by adjusting the opening (Pupil) , by operating the eye’s iris muscles. The rest state is darkness. However, the most uniform diffusion of the sun light reduces the strain of the eyes, as the eye does not have to adjust frequently. With high artificial lights, the light levels can vary by more than 3 times (ESNA standard for interior light is 1:3), causing extra strain for the eye. It is here that SECO’s Task light can out beat any other system of lighting, due to its direction property. With lesser background light, the task can be made to have uniform lighting. Thus, when the operator/user looks away from the task, the eye relaxes – in contrast to other lights or wih bright background which causes strain on the eyes, and reduces the productivity. While SECO can provide the same level of lighting as Mercury Vapour based or Metal halide based bay lighting with 40 – 60% reduced energy consumption, with out the repair and maintnance cost of reacing the high bay lights, SECO reccommends lower level of background lighting, with higher level of smaller task lights – such as for control panels, machining centres etc.,

SECO can also provide high levels of illumination without the associated heat generation for Inspection lights. SECO has also developed and can develop special lights for any application. Some of the special lights developed byu SECO are Sewing machine lamps, Magnifier lamps, Camera lamps etc., SECO understands the waydirectional properties of LED lights and also the way the human eye reacts to the light – to provide the maximum comfort for the operator, while reducing the energy – All while ensuring adequate light for the task.