Gas to Gas Plate Heat Ex-changers

Plate heat exchangers are not new. Gas to gas plate heat exchangers are also not new. Then what sets SECO’s plate heat exchanger apart? SECO’s plate heat exchager is the only one which can resist corrosion, without using exotic material. Simple to assemble from standard sheet metal, with protection for corrosion, it can be used for any application upto 250 degree C’ The simple construction reduces the cost to enable this to be applied in areas which considered a good PHE as uneconimical for GAS to GAS application. The possible uses include

  1. Heat recovery from buildings
  2. Heat recovery from ovens,
  3. Heaters and boilers
  4. Heat recovery from incinerators
  5. Heat recovery from driers and anything one can imagine
  6. This product is now mature and anyone wanting to recover heat or remove heat from gases in difficult / fouling areas can reach SECO or Sairam ENGREENERS for this product.