Decorative LED lights

In todays world of aesthetics, everyone wants to make their building, the logo, their work area, the lobby and reception beautiful. LEDs are ideally suited for all these types of decorative system. SECOs, constuction makes them even more suitable, as they are designed to have absolutely weather proof, where required.

Many buildings use flood light of halogen or metal halide , located in the ground to light up the building frontage. These not only use more power, but light up the sky also, affecting the migratory birds. SECO can design lighting , which can be from the top and use the direcional properties of the LEDs in the most optimal manner and save as much as 80% electrical energy for effective frontage lighting.

SECO can also develop any decorative lighting with the best of technology, in the most cost effective manner. SECO can develop any building decorative lighting, Logos, Signage.