SECO’s Street lights

The role of engineering requirement is the highest in street/road lighting, compared to all other forms of lighting. The reasons are:

    1. They are on for long hours averaging on 12 hours per day
    2. They are exposed to the extremes of weather.
    3. They have to be designed to operate even when the temperature due to sun is the highest, as some one may test the light at that time
    4. The cost of replacement is the highest, due to physical distances and need for special equipment to reach the lamp.
    5. Any moisture, dust and other extraneous matter can affect the electrical/electronic circuits.
    6. Even when the lights are designed as IP66, improper replacement of gaskets etc, can cause moisture/ dust to enter the enclosure
    7. deposits on the inside of the glass/light transmitting surface would reduce the transmission of light.
    8. Tarnishing of the reflector inside will cause reduction in the light at the road surface.

Taking all these into account, SECO’s road light has been designed to last for a long time. SECO’s lights are hermetically sealed – no provision for opening and all the possible problems are eliminated.

    • The outer casing is Galvanised iron with protective paint. Anodised Aluminium or ply carbonate are also used for some models.
    • The transmission is through glass which does not deteriorate over the time.
    • The deposition on the down ward surface is expected to be very low, which can be removed by wiping the outer surface.
    • In addition to all the above, SECO’s LED street light provides almost the same level of lighting , at less than half the energy consumption. Presently, they are designed for 120 degree dispersion. they are available in 7 W / 10 W / 15 W / 25 W / 40 W / 70 W and 100 W.
    • For specific cases, special photometry can be adopted and special lights designed, based on comitted volumes.