SECO’s foundation is its expertise on energy related services. The Energy Division is headed by Mr.P.K.Ranganathan, and is fully supported by Mr.Jayaraman. Both of them are graduates from IIT-M, and are Certified as energy auditors by BEE. The division is well staffed wtih adequate number of postgraduate and graduate engineers, and technicians. The important clients include, SPIC, CPCL, Asian Electrnics, Eicher, Tamilnadu Petro Products, among others.SECO is now Knowledge partner in the field of energy for PWC and KPMG. This division offers the following services

  • Energy Auditing
  • Energy accounting
  • Building energy assessment
  • Equipment efficiency assessment
  • Measurement and Verification
  • Implementation supervision

What makes SECO’s energy services unique is its approach from fundamentals, and complete transparency in methodolgy. All the basis and the formula used are provided to the client, and all the assumptions are clearly listed. This enables the client not only in understanding the report, but also work out the risk factors by vaying the parameters, based on their perception. Also, it enables better control during implementaion of the proposals. SECO gurantees to prove that every point made in the report are backed by references in theory or both theroy and practice, depending on whether the recommendation is New or Already implemented elswhere in the world.