Variable area Biomass Gasification – for non uniform agrowaste

The agrowaste is one of the most important form of energy. Not all of them are allowed to degrade into manure – such as stalks, can leaves etc., The existing models of down draft gasifier, updraft gasifier and fluidised bed gasifer, all require the agro waste of limited range of size. When the particle size is smaller, they have to be compacted into large required size, before being used in the gasifiers.

This not only ads to the cost, but affects the functioning of the gasifier, when the size of the feed changes. Furthe, the gasifiers exit gas is at about 900 deg C. Using an ingenious system for heat recovery, the heat is recovered for maintaining the reaction zone temperature at the required levels. This ensures not only higher effcieincy, but also helps reduce the tar. The exit gas can now more easily be cleaned and scrubbed, if it has to be fed to generators. Alternately, if the gas is going to be used as fuel in industrial burners, then the gas can be passed through cyclonic filters , and bag filters and burnt directly, retaining some amount of sensible heat. The patent application is under preparation – Anyone who is intersted in exploiting this technology for rural masses, can get license at a very favourable terms.