Passive Sewage Treatement

When one thinks of sewage treatment, only a large smelly area with machinaries come to one’s mind. SECO has a scheme for treating Sewage WITHOUT any machinary, and without any maintanance and which would be lesser in cost compared to conventional Sewage Treatement. This is applicable to homes, industries and commercial areas, without having to depend on the municipal sewage treatement. All is done by the natures way. The WC water is treated by a passive method, which has been tried in the residence for more than 15 years. The water is collected in a seale water proofed tank with compartments. The compartment is designed in such a way that the floats and solid particles are collected in the tank and only the dissolved solids are allowed tom go into the treatment channel The treatment channel is about 450 mm to 500 mm deep, with various layers, as shown in the picture. Water is not allowed to seep into the soil, by lining the channel with plastic liner, laid carefully without punctures. The normal flowering plants which do not have string tap roots, which can damage the plastic lining. Thus, the water carrying the rich nutrients from the anaerobic tank helps the plants grow very healthily, without watering. The excess water, which is without the dissolved nutrient from the anaerobic tank, is allowed to re charge the ground water at the end of the channel. The main condition is that the tank capacity should exceed 7 days water discharge capacity, at the bottom of the channel. In case of temporary excess, some amount of natural decomposition would take place in the channel.