Interior Lighting

The most popular interior lights for the commercial complexes, shops and offices are CFLs (and in some cases – high efficiency Fluoresent lights).
Both of them being 360 degree lighting, they require reflectors. They also require a current limiting device (Chokes), either electro magnetic or electronic.

SECO has range of internal lights to match the lux level of any of these lights, with 40 to 60 % savings and more than 5 times the life – without any maintanence. These are

  • Down ligting
  • False ceiling fittings
  • Pin Holder lights
  • Bayonet Cap lights
  • Strip lights
  • Cove lights
  • The focus lights and the replacement of MR12 / MR16 would be available in due course
  • These are presently available in white (6500 degree colour temperature). Other colours can be made available on specific orders.