SECO’s LED Lights

A missed opportunity due to running too fast.This was the aim.

SECO Instruments is one of the pioneers in LED based lamps and the first in India to implement 100% LED lighting in Home and Office.

SECO’s LED lighting systems have some unique features, not available anywhere else in the world. This design has been possible by thinking out of the box, and defying the way the whole world was moving.

The world leaders in LED lighting has been going for High power LEDs, of 1W, 3W ,10W or even 100W per single LED bulb. Higher the wattage, higher the driving current and higher the heat generation for the given area. This causes raise in temperature, and thermal design becomes critical for ensuring life of LED.

In addition, due to the yield, production quantities and other parameters, the cost of 20 nos 0.05W , 5mm LEDs are much less than 1no 1W LED – with the same lumen output.

In spite of the above, the reason for the others to proceed towards high power LED are:

  1. More number of LEDs mean larger PCBs
  2. More number of LEDs mean more labour
  3. More number of LEDs increases the size.
  4. Increased number of components can cause more defects, as LED’s life can depend on the method of soldering.

However, SECO has overcome all the above with their unique (patent applied for) design concepts which eliminates PCBS for LEDs

Defect due to soldering (by moving soldering Point well away from the LED Junction) LED Orientation problems (LED orientation is taken care in the layout design.)

In an attempt to manufactture LEDs themselves in a new process, critical machines were imported with an aim of designing others locally. Due finance issues, the unit was sold – and the second attempt is also showing strains. Invite all those who have passion to make in india and willing to invest effort – more than money – are welcome to contact. Especially brilliant and passionate students who want to be entrepreneurs. Who would wnat to Join Prime minister Modi’s Make In India – at 80% chinese price to reach 80% european quality.