Equipment Efficiency Assessment

The energy management always consists of two parts.

  1. Equipment efficiency
  2. System efficiency

While having the most efficient system would not ensure the best system efficiency, Improved equipment efficiency would always improve the overall system efficiency. It is for this reason, most companies go for equipment with improved efficiency. However, what most users do not recognise is that the equipment efficiency varies with loading and deteriorates with usage. Hence a periodic assessment of the equipment efficiency is essential for good energy management system. Most experts rely only on instruments for assessing equipment efficiency. Most suppliers test the equipment efficiency at th most optimal loading. Both the above can give a misleading information to the user, and result in excess energy usage than possible. To avoid the above lacunae, SECO has evolved a method of first studying the load pattern of the equipment, and tests at the normally operated loads. Further, all measurements are verified with the theoretical estimation. This ensures not only that the efficiency of the equipment is tested at most relevant conditions, but also the proper analysis, leading to the required action plan.