Corridor lights

Most of the long corridors in the offices / government buildings, Hostels and hotels have compact fluorescent lights or regular fluorescent lights. These are either spaced too wide apart with light and dark patches creating a “Chiroscuro” , or placed to give much more light than required at the corridor – requiring a subdued 20 lux instead of 200 lux. SECO’s corridor light comes in 2.5 w and 5W. Two of three of them can comfortably replace 1 fluorescent lamp – thus saving 80%.

In case of CFL a minimum savings of 50% can be expected. The directional property of LED gives a much better light to the floor, and gives a subdued effect to the walls and roof , creating a much better overall effect compared to a too bright walls, and reduced ligting on the floors with conventional lighting. Thus, the SECO corridor lights saves energy while enhancing the effect – If the corridor walls have displays such as pictures, they alone can be lit, for even better enhanced display – Considering that the eye recognises the contrast much better then unifom lighting.