SECO Stands for Save Energy COncepts. The name indicates SECO’s commitment to Conservation of energy.

ALL SECO’s products and services are directly or indirectly connected to the energy conservation and  environment like,

  • Oxygen Analysers of combustion purposes,
  • Tuning of Control system and optimisation,
  • LED lighting system,
  • Energy management Services,
  • Green Building concepts,
  • Water management

SECO believes that good technology must be made cost effective through innovative engineering & thus, it has chosen the path of walking the talk… SECO’s building is an example of its commitment to energy conservation  and environment.

  • It is the first building in the world with 100% LED lighting,
  • The first building with water cooled walls.

SECO believes in adhering to sound fundamentals and Valid and verified information, even while its strength is Innovation. With more than 7 patents under process for different areas of energy conservation, SECO has lined up a number of projects for future development. SECO is committed to ensure that the world’s rural population benefits by sustainable energy and thus help reverse the urban migration. Towards this SECO’s Founder-Director T.Jayaraman has been working on Rural energy self sufficiency and effective rural lighting systems. His other interests include passive sewage treatment, promotion of environment awareness among School children, and development of low cost technologies for renewable and sustainable sources of energy.