SECO’s LED Products

LEDs – The light for the Present, and the Future
                                         THE IDEA

Passionately obsessed with Energy, Environmental and Ecological issues and armed with phenomenal innate knowledge, it never took a long time for a man of Mr T.Jayaraman (TeeJay) calibre to understand the importance of white LED for illumination. And so four years back, he proceeded to dedicate himself to make Earth GREEN through his innovations. The result is SECO…

                                     THE RELEVANCE

Lighting, which is second only to Electricity when it comes to our living, needs to be viewed with utmost concern especially when there is a power crisis everywhere. It is, in this context that LEDs for lighting purpose gains immense importance. Moreover, wider use of this technology would help us alleviate global warming to certain extent.

                                      THE CONCEPT

While most of the MNCs are trying to make LED as a premium product, SECO’s mission is to make it affordable, so that this technology is available to everyone across the globe and fulfilling our motto of Let Everyone Delight.LED the Overview General benefits Minimum of 500-600% of extended life than the existing lights. ( 50k hours against 10k of any other type) More than 65% saving in electricity consumption

  • Prevents short circuit
  • Avoids fire accidents
  • Reduces strain on air-conditioners
  • More light and less heat
  • Less Light pollution
  • No UV radiation

Uniqueness of SECO

  1. 100% green (PAF*)
  2. Hermetically sealed (PAF*)
  3. Works directly on AC supply
  4. Versatile application (PAF*)
  5. Near ZERO Maintenance (PAF*)
  6. No external devices /alteration required
  7. Optimum utilisation of LED’s efficiency (PAF*)
  8. Higher reliability due to usage of lesser electronics
  9. Environment friendly
  10. Enriching Ecological balance
  11. AND the most important of all …………………………….. NO PCB

*PAF: Patent Applied For.