Concepts Under Commercialisation

When one looks at the patents which have become success, the ratio could be much les than the success rate of a movie aspirant becoming a Top Star. However, this has neither deterred those who dream of being stars or those who think that theirs is the best idea in the world – and given sufficient support, they can be a Bill gates, or Ambanis or Mittals ……….

At SECO, we realise this and hence all our ideas are wetted for

  1. Conceptual functioning
  2. Commercial potential

We also believe in innovation in the path of concept to commercialistion itself by strictly following the steps

  1. Concept testing
  2. Concept prototype
  3. Working prototype
  4. Commercial prototype
  5. Trial production

These ensure not only that the development costs are kept low, but also ensure that when there is a failure, it is at the least cost. SECO is willing to partner anyone who is willig to work with SECO on commercialisation of the above ideas, on a clear target of both finance and time. SECO would also be willing to undertake contract development of ideas, on a mutually profitable basis, believing in the dictum “If it is impossible, it takes a little longer”